Tailor the Snow Suit

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Tailor the Snow Suit
Tailor the Snow Suit

You regard the snow suit with an artist's eye and an adventurer's kidney.

Add Angry Eyebrows
You put some angry eyebrows on your snow suit, way angrier than any stupid bird.
Add an Ice-Cold Smirk

You put an ice-cold killer's smirk on your snow suit. It looks ready to deal some frosty damage.

Add a Sensitive Carrot Nose

You add a sensitive carrot nose to your snow suit. Not "sensitive" like it has an elegant artistic curve, sensitive like it can sniff out hard-to-find things.

Add an Entertaining Goatee

You add an entertaining goatee and mustache to your snow suit. It looks ready to grab a banjo and sing about silver and gold.

Add a Magical Hat

You add a magical hat to your snow suit, after checking it for rabbits. Thankfully, your snow suit doesn't come to life and shout Happy Birthday.


  • Each option changes the familiar's appearance to the matching image from the cycle above.
  • The Angry Eyebrows make your familiar attack for 3-12 physical damage, 80% of the time.
  • The Ice-Cold Smirk makes your familiar attack for 1-10 every round.
  • The Sensitive Carrot Nose gives +10% Items from Monsters, and drops a carrot nose after 10% of combats, up to 3 per day.
    • Normally nose items increase Meat, but carrots are widely believed to improve vision.
  • The Entertaining Goatee restores 1-20 HP for you at the end of each combat.
  • The Magical Hat restores 1-10 MP for you at the end of each combat.


  • Most of the appearance options contain pop culture references, often to animated snowmen:
    • The angry eyebrows comment references the popular video game Angry Birds.
    • Adding an "ice-cold killer's smirk" to the snow suit refers to the 1996 horror film Jack Frost.
    • Sam the Snowman, the narrator from the Rankin/Bass holiday special, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, also wore an entertaining goatee.
    • A magical, rabbit-containing hat and a snowman who shouts "Happy birthday!" upon coming to life were also present in Frosty the Snowman.

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