Synthetic dog hair pill

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synthetic dog hair pill
synthetic dog hair pill

This is a little of the ol' hair-of-the-dog, but in easy-to-digest pill form. Since elves vomit glitter, their hangovers are less disgusting for everyone else, but still unpleasant for the one experiencing it.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 250 Meat.
Cannot be traded

(In-game plural: synthetic dog hair pills)
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Item number: 5167
Description ID: 272489196
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Obtained From

Map to Safety Shelter Grimace Prime
Deep Inside Grimace, Bow Chick-a Bow Bow (Intoxication)
The Lost Pill Bottle (sometimes)

When Used

  • If used with 0 drunkenness:
You should probably get at least a little drunk before experimenting with this.
  • First use per day, if drunkenness is above 0:
Your liver feels better! And quivers a bit.
  • Attempting to use more than one a day:
Your liver can't take any more abuse today.



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