Sword of Dark Omens

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Sword of Dark Omens
Sword of Dark Omens

Man, you know what this sword would be great for? Chopping open coconuts! That big heavy black blade would just crunch right through a coconut, splitting it in two just like a human head!

...Oh, you could also use it to cut open peoples' heads, I guess!

Type: weapon (1-handed sword)
Damage: 12 - 24
Outfit: Raiments of the Final Boss
  (8 items)

Selling Price: 2000 Meat.
Cannot be traded

+3 Spooky Damage
+3 Stench Damage
+3 Hot Damage
+3 Cold Damage
+3 Sleaze Damage

Spell Damage +50%
All Attributes +5%

(In-game plural: Swords of Dark Omens)
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Item number: 6004
Description ID: 412488881
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Obtained From

The GameInformPowerDailyPro Dungeon
Video Game Boss


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