Swim in the Fountain

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Swim in the Fountain
Swim in the Fountain
Zone Num 173
Location Market Square
Unlocks On Generic Summer Holiday
Recom Stat 0
Combat % 0%
Terrain outdoor
Special Adventures
Lucky none
refreshedit data
Go for a Swim at A Reasonably-Sized Fountain in Seaside Town on Generic Summer Holiday.

A foam noodle, water wings, and/or an inflatable duck must be equipped to adventure here. If trying to go swim without at least one of the pool toys using Last Adventure link, you will go to main view.

Non-Combat Adventures

Huff, Puff

On Wings of Plastic

Noodling Around‎


  • Wearing only one accessory forces one adventure, wearing two gives a chance of either adventure, and wearing three gives the possibility of any of the three adventures.
  • If you swim here when falling-down drunk, you will get a Drunken Stupor adventure.
  • If you attempt to access this location on a day other than the holiday you will receive the message "It's no longer Generic Summer Holiday."
  • Started granting Eldritch Attunement since November 13, 2016, restricted to aftercore on or before April 11, 2020.