Susie, the Arena Mistress

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Arenamaster.gif Hello there, and welcome to the Cake-Shaped Arena. I'm Susie, the Arena Master. I mean, Mistress.

In the Arena, your familiars can compete in a variety of events, against the House Familiars, for experience, prestige, and fabulous prizes. To enter your familiar in an event costs 100 Meat, and takes 1 Adventure.

You have won X time(s). Only (5-X) win(s) left until your next prize!

Susie can be found in The Cake-Shaped Arena, on the Right Side of the Tracks. She will offer up five different "House Familiars," each ranging in weight from 1 pound to 30 pounds, and she will allow you to pit your own familiar against a House Familiar in one of four different events. They are the Ultimate Cage Match, Scavenger Hunt, Obstacle Course, and Hide and Seek.

For every five victories by your familiars, Susie will award you with a prize. Most of the time, the reward is a piece of Familiar Equipment that is specific to the familiar that won the fifth time (in other words, only that familiar will be able to equip the item that you receive). Familiars that Susie does not have special equipment for will usually get a lead necklace.

  • During a Zombie Slayer run, you will find that Susie has succumbed to the plague:
Arenamaster z.gif "Arrrrgh! Fiiiiight! Graaaaagh!"

Aw man, looks like they got Susie, too. I guess she's running the Arena fights anyway, though? You have to admire her dedication.

You recall that it costs 100 meat and 1 adventure to pit your familiar against one of the House Familiars.

Susie has been tallying your wins with bloody marks on the wall. It looks like you've won X time(s), and have (5-X) win(s) to go until your next prize.


  • Susie ran a cupcake stand when she was a little girl.
  • Since Susie is somewhat of a celebrity, there is a tiny plastic figure of her.
  • It is rumored that Susie's twin sister also works in the Kingdom; some say that she is the travel agent for The Shore, Inc.