Sushi-rolling mat

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sushi-rolling mat
sushi-rolling mat

This is a woven mat used for making sushi. Chopsticks, soy sauce, and a naked woman to use as a plate not included.

Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: sushi-rolling mats)
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Item number: 3581
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Obtained From

Big Brother (50 sand dollars)

When Used

You install the sushi mat, making your outdoor kitchen hipper and more sophisticated.


  • When used, installs itself as an appliance in Your Kitchen at your campsite.
  • Required to make sushi. See the sushi article for recipes and consumption information.


  • The price of this item was reduced from 300 sand dollars to 100 on September 8, 2010, as rolling sushi was added to the new kitchen at The Campground, and then to 50 on March 8, 2013 as part of a series of Sea updates.
  • Prior to that change, you kept the sushi mat in your inventory after every use, and did not lose it upon ascension.


  • This item's description is a reference to Nyotaimori, the presentation of food on the naked body of a woman; Nantaimori uses the naked body of a man.


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