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Sushi refers to a variety of foods created using a sushi-rolling mat, which is obtained from Big Brother at The Sea Monkees' Castle.

Upon using the mat, the player is presented with a list of all sushi ingredients in inventory and a list of possible sushi to make. Sushi is rolled and eaten immediately. Finished sushi do not exist as items in the inventory.


Roll Whiterice.gif white rice with one of the following types of fish meat:

Sushi Fish meat Adventures Stat Gains Fullness Base Turns of Fishy
beefy nigiri Filet1.gif
beefy fish meat
4-8 8-16 Strongness 2 20
glistening nigiri Filet3.gif
glistening fish meat
4-8 8-16 Mysteriousness 2 20
slick nigiri Filet2.gif
slick fish meat
4-8 8-16 Chutzpah 2 20


Roll Whiterice.gif white rice and Seaweed.gif seaweed with one of the following types of fish meat:

Sushi Fish meat Adventures Stat Gains Fullness Base Turns of Fishy
beefy maki Filet1.gif
beefy fish meat
6-12 8-16 Strengthliness 3 45
glistening maki Filet3.gif
glistening fish meat
6-12 8-16 Wizardliness 3 45
slick maki Filet2.gif
slick fish meat
6-12 8-16 Chutzpah 3 45


Maki may be garnished with one topping:

  • Caviar.gif dragonfish caviar: Adds an additional 5 turns of Fishy.
    "The caviar on top makes it taste extra fishy."
    • When eating any maki topped with dragonfish caviar, there is a chance of obtaining a magic dragonfish fry:
      "You burp, and a little fish swims out of your mouth. Looks like one of those dragonfish eggs was fertilized!"
      Smallfry.gifYou acquire an item: magic dragonfish fry
  • Seasalt.gif sea salt crystal: Adds 10 turns of Salty Dogs.
    "Ooh, salty. It goes straight to your feet."
  • Soupbowl.gif eel sauce: Adds an additional 3 adventures
    "Mmm. The eel sauce makes it especially satisfying."
  • Soupbowl.gif peppermint eel sauce: Adds 20 turns of Dreaming of a Wet Crimbo.
    "The peppermint eel sauce makes it very festive!."

Additional Filling

Maki may be augmented with an additional filling:


When eaten, the consumption message names the sushi according to its contents.

"You eat the <sushi name>."

Without additional fillings, they are simply called beefy, glistening or slick maki, even when topped with sea salt, eel sauce, or dragonfish caviar.

When augmented with additional filling, the sushi is given a new, descriptive name:

  beefy glistening slick
cucumber giant dragon roll wise dragon roll tricky dragon roll
carrot musclebound rabbit roll white rabbit roll sneaky rabbit roll
avocado python roll ancient serpent roll slippery snake roll
radish Jack LaLanne roll wizened master roll eleven oceans roll
green and red bean jacked Santa roll omniscient Santa roll sneaky Santa roll

Toppings add an adjective before these descriptive roll names: "magical" for dragonfish caviar, "salty" for sea salt, "electric" for eel sauce, and "Yuletide" for peppermint eel sauce.

Bento box

Roll Whiterice.gif white rice, Filet1.gif beefy fish meat, Filet3.gif glistening fish meat, Filet2.gif slick fish meat, and a Bentobox.gif Mer-kin lunchbox with one tempura vegetable, and one sauce. All of the items, including the lunchbox, are consumed. Unlike maki and nigiri, you need at least one of every variety of fish meat to make a bento box.

The base attributes of the bento box are 5 fullness, 25 - 35 adventures (before sushi doily), 5 - 15 Beefiness, 5 - 15 Magicalness, 5 - 15 Chutzpah, 80 turns of Fishy (before Warm Belly).

Tempura vegetables alter the stat gains from the box like so:

Tempura vegetable Additional Effects
tempura cucumber
40-50 Strengthliness
tempura carrot
40-50 Magicalness
tempura avocado
40-50 Cheek
tempura broccoli
 ? Fortitude
? Magicalness
? Sarcasm
tempura cauliflower
 ? Muscleboundness
? Enchantedness
? Sarcasm
tempura radish
 ? Strongness
? Enchantedness
? Roguishness
tempura green and red bean
Adds 20 turns of Dreaming of a Wet Crimbo

Sauces add these effects:

Sauce Adventures Additional Effects Message
anemone sauce
 ? 70-80 Strongness The anemone sauce adds a sharp tang to the tempura <vegetable>. It'll really put hair on your chest!
inky squid sauce
 ? 70-80 Enchantedness The inky squid sauce lends a mysterious character to the tempura <vegetable>.
Mer-kin weaksauce
 ? 70-80 Smarm The weaksauce makes the tempura <vegetable> taste extra cool, and makes you extra cool for eating it.
eel sauce
 ?  ? The tempura <vegetable> tastes extra good dipped in eel sauce.
peanut sauce
 ?  ? Beefiness
? Magicalness
? Sarcasm
The tempura <vegetable>, dipped in peanut sauce, is just about the best thing you've ever tasted. You are so glad you're not allergic to peanuts.
peppermint eel sauce
 ? Adds 20 turns of Dreaming of a Wet Crimbo The tempura <vegetable> tastes extra festive dipped in peppermint eel sauce.

Sushi Enhancers

Warm Belly

Having a Warm Belly adds 10 extra Adventures of Fishy whenever you consume sushi or fish meat. Warm Belly is obtained by drinking any of the following booze:

Unlike Got Milk or Ode to Booze the effect is not decremented or removed by consuming sushi.


Eating any sushi with a Doily.gif sushi doily in your inventory consumes the doily and adds 3 adventures:

"Eating it off of a fancy doily makes it even more delicious!"

Souvenir Chopsticks

Eating any sushi with Chopsticks2.gif Souvenir Chopsticks in your inventory consumes the chopsticks and adds 3 adventures:

You savour the flavour of the sushi that still lingers on the chopsticks. "This is delicious," you think, as you absent-mindedly chew on the end... and savoring and chewing and... swallowing.


If you remember your food quality distinctions, nigiri is between good and awesome, while maki with sauce and/or additional filling is between awesome and EPIC.

Quality Sushi

more than 2
at most 3
2 to 4 adv/full
  • all nigiri
  • base maki

more than 3
less than 5
3 to 5 adv/full
  • maki with eel sauce
    without add'l filling
  • maki without eel sauce
    with add'l filling
4 to 6 adv/full
  • maki with eel sauce
    with add'l filling

at least 5
5+ to 6+ adv/full
  • bento box

However, this ranking is slightly misleading. Since sushi does not benefit from Got Milk, you miss out on five Adventures a day if your diet consists only of sushi. Eating two pieces of sushi with sushi doilies more than compensates for this, although at greater expense in both meat and fullness.


  • Sushi does not gain extra adventures from Got Milk, munchies pills, Song of the Glorious Lunch, nor The Opossum. It also does not trigger prescription-strength mayonnaise.
  • Dieting pill has no effect. The charge will activate on the next eligible food eaten.
  • The 3 types of nigiri show up in the player's consumption history, but display no description if the player clicks their names.
  • The 60 possible combinations of maki only show up in the player's consumption history as the 3 base types of maki (beefy, glistening, or slick maki). These also display no description if the player clicks their names.
  • Despite a bento box having three fish meat, the bonus from Warm Belly is still 10 Adventures of Fishy.
  • Attempting to make a sushi you don't have the proper ingredients for results in the message:
    You don't have the right stuff to make that kind of sushi. Or a New Kids on the Block album.
  • Attempting to make an invalid sushi type results in the message:
    That ain't no kind of sushi I ever heard of. Do they speak English in that kind of sushi?
  • Attempting to make a sushi when you are too full results in the message:
    That looks good, but you're way too full to eat it right now.
  • Stolen sushi does not count as sushi, as far as the Warm Belly effect and sushi doily are concerned (they will not make stolen sushi taste better or grant more adventures).


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