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Just when you think you've seen just about everything there is to see in the Noob Cave, you spy a tiny side tunnel leading off into the darkness. And what do we do with tunnels? We explore them!

You head down the tunnel, which gets darker as it gets deeper, and deeper as it gets darker. Eventually the darkness and the depth get to a point where you start to freak out a little, so you decide to turn back.

All of a sudden, the cavern you've wandered into is flooded with bright light, you hear many voices in unison shout "Surprise!" and a big mug of beer is thrust into your hand.

You regain consciousness some indeterminate period of time later, and based on a quick survey of your surroundings, you conclude that a fairly large group of people apparently thought it was your birthday, and decided to get you drunk as a kitten. Wait, scratch that. Drunk and a kitten.

You gain 14 Drunkenness.
Tterrarium.gifYou acquire an item: Familiar-Gro™ Terrarium
Bkitten.gifYou acquire an item: black kitten


  • Since the Noob Cave is a 100% combat area, this adventure will occur first if you adventure there in Bad Moon, in order to allow for a 100% Black Cat run.
  • Jick's post regarding the changes to this adventure can be found here.


  • This adventure used to give only 5 drunkenness; it also used to occur after you spent roughly 30 turns in the Noob Cave.


  • The text "And what do we do with tunnels? We explore them!" is a reference to Mr Skullhead's recurring use of the phrase "What do we do with links? We click them!" on the Jick and Mr. Skullhead radio shows.