Support cummerbund

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support cummerbund
support cummerbund

This is a cummerbund formerly worn by a Mob Penguin Soprano. It'll give you the support you need to hit those high notes. You're not sure if it does so by uttering soothing phrases of encouragement, or by preventing you from getting a hernia.

Type: accessory
Mysticality Required: 35
Cannot be discarded

Maximum HP +20

(In-game plural: support cummerbunds)
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Item number: 778
Description ID: 312745458
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Obtained From

Frozen Mob Penguin
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
The Grim Grimacite Site
Mob Penguin Supervisor
The Icy Peak
Mob Penguin Soprano
The Icy Peak in The Recent Past
Mob Penguin Soprano



  • A cummerbund is an item commonly worn with tuxedos, which are sometimes referred to as "penguin suits". Presumably the "support" is a joke adding in the function of, say, a support girdle...
  • For the other half of the "support" joke, see supportive bra.
    • There do exist actual support cummerbunds, used by singers to help strengthen their diaphragm.
  • "A Mob Penguin Soprano" refers to The Sopranos, a TV show about a mafia family.

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