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Many Superlikelies are missing. Existing Superlikelies are in need of information. (September 2019)

Contrary to popular belief, superlikelies are not any noncombat that is unaffected by +/- combat, or any noncombat with a condition on it. In fact, they're not really noncombats at all (unless you use the word "noncombat" to mean "anything that's not a combat", which is awkward). Superlikelies can be affected by +/- combat; Mr. Alarm was one of the affected ones.

So what is a superlikely? It's another class of encounters, and what's special about them is that every superlikely in the zone is checked when you adventure there, before normal combats/noncombats are considered. If you meet all of the conditions for a superlikely adventure (and didn't get any of the higher-tier encounters), you will always get the superlikely adventure. If you meet all of the conditions for multiple superlikelies, a 1DN is rolled to decide which you get (these include Bad Moon adventures).

An important point to consider is that not all encounters with conditions are superlikelies. Regular noncombat or combats can have conditions too. What distinguishes a superlikely is when the game checks to see if you'll get one.

Superlikely Adventures

Superlikely adventures are any adventure with conditions on it whose conditions are checked every time you adventure. Many of these adventures are unaffected by combat modifiers, but not all are. (See Jick's post in the notes for this definition.)

  • All Bad Moon-specific adventures are superlikelies, with unknown conditions.
  • The following list is not all-inclusive. It only contains the superlikelies of most interest to an ascender. For a complete list, see this page.
Location Adventure Name Description Known Conditions
Outskirts of Cobb's Knob Code Red Receive Knob Goblin encryption key. Always occurs on the 11th turn in the Outskirts.
The Degrassi Knoll Garage Screwdriver, wider than a mile. Receive rusty screwdriver. 25% roll.
The Haunted Billiards Room That's your cue Receive pool cue. 100%, must not have a pool cue in inventory. (Used to be a 25% roll.)
The Enormous Greater-Than Sign The Oracle Will See You Now Grants access to The Dungeons of Doom. 25% roll. Only occurs during Teleportitis with a plus sign in inventory.
The Black Forest A Man in Black Part of the Quest for the Holy MacGuffin. 25% roll affected by +/- combat, or 100% chance on the 12th turn in The Black Forest.
The Hidden Temple Fitting In Allows access to the temple's noncombats at will. 100% when adventuring with Stone-Faced.
The Hidden Hospital You, M. D. Part of the Quest for the Holy MacGuffin. 0-50% roll, 10% chance per "Makes you look like a doctor" item equipped
The Haunted Ballroom We'll All Be Flat Part of the Quest for the Holy MacGuffin. 25% roll, with a 5-turn floor (cannot occur earlier than turn 6). Only occurs after reading your father's MacGuffin diary.
The Palindome Rod Nevada, Vendor Part of the Quest for the Holy MacGuffin. 25% roll. Must have read Your father's MacGuffin diary.
The Palindome Last Egg Gets Al Part of the Quest for the Holy MacGuffin. 25% roll. Must have read Your father's MacGuffin diary.
The Palindome Do Geese See God? Part of the Quest for the Holy MacGuffin. 25% roll. Must have read Your father's MacGuffin diary.
The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert A Sietch in Time Part of the Quest for the Holy MacGuffin. 100% chance with at least 10% desert exploration.
An Oasis Glug, Glug, Glug Part of the Quest for the Holy MacGuffin. Adventure at An Oasis without the Ultrahydrated effect; consider using a clover instead for 20 turns of the effect.
The "Fun" House Adventurer, $1.99 Part of the Me and My Nemesis quest. delay() or floor of 10, then <guaranteed? mechanism needs content.>
All zones in Spookyraven Manor Lights out in the <zone> Lights Out Quest Takes place every time when total turncount is a multiple of 37.
The Sleazy Back Alley They Tried and Pailed Receive pail of pretentious paint. 25% roll.
Outskirts of Cobb's Knob Brushed off... Receive pretentious paintbrush. 25% roll.
The Haunted Pantry Shoe of Many Colors Receive pretentious palette. 25% roll.
Pandamonium Slums Highway to Hey Deze Receive Hey Deze map. 25% roll.

Confirmation required

These encounters have many of the same features as the above list, but have not yet been categorised as superlikely (a more experienced player should confirm and move these rows into the above table when possible).

Location Adventure Name Description Known Conditions
The Bat Hole sublocations Screambat Boss Bat Quest Every 8 turns (counting across all zones here), until the walls are removed.
Cobb's Knob Harem Plucked The King of Cobb's Knob Quest Guaranteed when you're wearing the Knob Goblin Harem Girl Disguise without the Knob Goblin Perfume effect.
The Defiled Alcove Modern zmobie Undefile the Cyrpt Quest Combat Initiative will increase the occurrence of this encounter. The encounter rate is [15 + Init/10]%, which means that having +850% init will guarantee zmobie modernity.
Copse of the Deep Fat Friars Various Deep Fat Friars' Gate Quest First encounter in the zone; and when no noncombats have been found in the last five turns, forces the next noncombat in the sequence.
The Goatlet Like a Cheese Thief in the Cheese Night Mt. McLargeHuge Quest If 20 turns have been spent without getting the cheese to drop.
Lair of the Ninja Snowmen ninja snowman assassin Mt. McLargeHuge Quest With +combat, turns 11, 21, and 31 in the zone, and randomly at a rate of most likely C/200+T*0.015, where C is +Combat% and T is turns spent in the zone.
The Old Landfill Once More Unto the Junk Hippy Boatman Quest Guaranteed if a funky junk key is in the inventory.
Castle in the Clouds in the Sky Arise!,
Are you a Man or a Mouse?
Giant Trash Quest Spending 35 turns in the Basement or Top Floor, without proceeding using the other noncombats.
Ground Floor of the Castle Top of the Castle, Ma Giant Trash Quest: Unlocks the Top Floor Guaranteed after spending 11 turns in the zone
The Smut Orc Logging Camp smut orc pervert Orc Chasm Quest 21st adventure, and every 20 after that (1+20A)
The Copperhead Club Shen Copperhead, Nightclub Owner Part of the Quest for the Holy MacGuffin. Each instance in the series requires a certain amount of turns spent in the zone.
The Copperhead Club Behind the 'Stache Change the background effects Crappily Disguised as a Waiter
The Barn Cornered!,
Cornered Again!,
How Many Corners Does this Stupid Barn Have!?
Subquest for Mysterious Island Quest Happens within 10 turns in the zone.

Adventures That Are NOT Superlikelies

This section is included so that when you look on this page to see whether a given adventure responds to -combat or not, and you don't see it listed in the previous section, you will be able to conclude "Oh, that's because it's not a superlikely" rather than "Oh, nobody knows yet".

Zone Adventure Then what is it?
The Poop Deck It's Always Swordfish A standard noncombat according to Jick (Feb 2009)


Removed or revamped superlikelies.

Location Adventure Name Description Old Conditions
The Haunted Pantry The Manor in Which You're Accustomed Unlocks Spookyraven Manor. Always occurs on the 9th, 10th, or 11th turn in the Pantry.
The Haunted Conservatory Polo Tombstone Receive Spookyraven gallery key. Always occurs on the 8th, 9th, 10th, or 11th turn in the Conservatory, but only if you've read Chapter 2 of The Fall of the House of Spookyraven in The Haunted Library.
The Palindome Drawn Onward/Retired Part of the Quest for the Holy MacGuffin.  ?% roll that may or may not be affected by +/- combat. Only occurs with the four required items in inventory.
Laboratory Mr. Alarm, I Presarm Part of the Quest for the Holy MacGuffin. 25% roll, affected by +/- combat. Must have completed Drawn Onward/Retired.
Laboratory Mega Gem Get the Mega Gem. 100% chance after Mr. Alarm with wet stunt nut stew in inventory. (Moved to Mr. Alarm's Office)
The Palindome Dr. Awkward A NC 'choice' that becomes a fight. 100% chance with Mega Gem equipped. (Moved to Drawn Onward)
The Upper Chamber Whee! Part of the Quest for the Holy MacGuffin.  ?% roll. May or may not be affected by +/- combat. (Zone revamped; replaced with A Wheel -- How Fortunate!)


  • The most up-to-date data on superlikelies/non-combats and delays can be found on this post on the AFH forums.
  • Jick confirmed the existence of superlikelies in this post.