Summon Leviatuga

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Summon Leviatuga

Summon Leviatuga

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 40

You've learned to call upon Leviatuga, the Great Turtle of the Deep. He'll heed your call, and bite your enemies with his ancient, powerful jaws.

Source: Not a Micro Fish
Price: N/A
Class: Turtle Tamer
Level: N/A
Effect: Deals 300-350 damage. Only works underwater.
When Used:
You make the low, resonant grumbling sounds Grandpa taught you. You're knocked backwards by the shockwave in the water as Leviatuga thunders into view. His vast bulk obscures your view, but from the sound of it, you'd say his vast jaws just dealt about X damage to your foe.

With a cozy scimitar equipped and underwater (first time only per fight):

Looks like the attack knocked some scales loose from somewhere. They got stuck on your scimitar cozy!

Scale1.gifYou acquire 1-4 dull fish scales
Scale2.gifYou acquire 1-2 rough fish scales


  • Trying to use this skill while not being underwater gives the message:
That skill only works underwater.


  • Prior to some time around the beginning of September 2012, Avatars of Boris could learn this skill. Now, Avatars of Boris cannot enter the sea at all.


  • The name of this skill seems to be a portmanteau of the word Leviathan, a Biblical sea monster, and tortuga, the Spanish word for turtle.