Summon Hilarious Objects

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Summon Hilarious Objects

Summon Hilarious Objects

Type: Mystical Bookshelf
MP Cost: 5

By harnessing the ancient power discovered by McPhee, the legendary Prankster/Sorcerer, you are able to manifest objects of such hilarity, such amusement, that lesser men would soil themselves from the pure humor of the objects so summoned. (Women are apparently immune to that particular part of the effect.)

Source: McPhee's Grimoire of Hilarious Object Summoning
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Allows you to summon three hilarious objects per day.
When Used:
You crack open the Grimoire and recite the incantation contained within. A small chuckle escapes your lips as three hilarious objects appear at your feet.
Nutsack.gifYou acquire an item: bag of airline peanuts
Clownham.gifYou acquire an item: clown hammer
Chicle.gifYou acquire an item: explosion-flavored chewing gum
Vomitjar.gifYou acquire an item: fake fake vomit
Glove.gifYou acquire an item: fake hand
Flycube.gifYou acquire an item: magical ice cube with a fly in it
Roe.gifYou acquire an item: rubber emo roe
Whoopee.gifYou acquire an item: whoopie cushion
Snowcone.gifYou acquire an item: yellow snowcone
  • From April 15th, 2006, also:
Buzzer.gifYou acquire an item: joybuzzer
Monocle.gifYou acquire an item: pet rock "Snooty" disguise
Chatteeth.gifYou acquire an item: wind-up chattering teeth
  • From May 13th, 2006, also:
Jazzsoap.gifYou acquire an item: jazz soap
  • From June 14th, 2006, also:
Brick.gifYou acquire an item: brick
  • From July 18th, 2006, also:
Groucho.gifYou acquire an item: pet rock "Groucho" disguise
  • From August 15th, 2006, also:
Defskull.gifYou acquire an item: defective skull
  • From October 1st, 2006, also:
Nethamulet.gifYou acquire an item: Amulet of Yendor
  • From October 24th, 2006, also:
Xrayspecs.gifYou acquire an item: x-ray specs
  • From January 30th, 2007, also:
Encring.gifYou acquire an item: encoder ring
  • Only on April 1, 2007:
(three of the following)
Dsnowcone.gifYou acquire an item: blue snowcone
Dsnowcone.gifYou acquire an item: purple snowcone
Dsnowcone.gifYou acquire an item: orange snowcone
Dsnowcone.gifYou acquire an item: green snowcone
Dsnowcone.gifYou acquire an item: red snowcone
  • From March 25th, 2008, also:
Choker.gifYou acquire an item: mood ring
Potion4.gifYou acquire an item: cymbal syrup
Blackheart.gifYou acquire an item: black candy heart


  • On January 3, 2008, this also became a book on the mystical bookshelf. The skill is still granted.
  • You may use the skill only once per day. You get three distinct items per use.
  • It may be used again in one day after ascending.
  • This skill is marked as Hardcore Permanent (HP), and so is retained through normal and hardcore ascensions and can be used in both.
  • On April 1, 2007, this skill instead acted like Summon Snowcones.


  • It had been revealed that more items would be added to this skill in the future. On a August 7th, 2014 radio show, Jick stated that there are no longer plans to continue to update this skill, instead focusing on other grimoires.


  • The name "McPhee" refers to Archie McPhee, a popular novelty store based in Seattle.