Summon BRICKOs

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Summon BRICKOs

Summon BRICKOs

Type: Mystical Bookshelf
MP Cost: varies

Source: Libram of BRICKOs
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Allows you to summon BRICKO bricks.
When Used:
You read the Libram of BRICKOs and recite the incantation contained therein. You look under the mysterious couch that was obviously always there, and find some BRICKOs which were lost under it. Where'd that couch go?
Brickobrick.gifYou acquire 3 BRICKO bricks
Brickobrick.gifYou acquire 2 BRICKO bricks
Brickoeye.gifYou acquire an item: BRICKO eye brick


  • You can summon a maximum of three BRICKO eye bricks a day.
    • The first eye brick summons on 50% of casts, and the second and third are summoned on 33% of casts.


  • The name BRICKO is a reference to Danish toy manufacturer LEGO.
  • Due to their size, LEGO bricks can often be found under the couch.