Sugar shorts

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sugar shorts
sugar shorts

Who wears short shorts molded out of a sheet of melted sugar? *You* wear short shorts molded out of a sheet of melted sugar!

If no one has ever used the adjectives "sweet" and "sticky" to describe your crotch, this'll get you both of 'em in one fell swoop. You should know, though, that most people have heard at least one of the two.

Type: pants
Power: 100
Cannot be traded or discarded

All Attributes +25%

(In-game plural: pairs of sugar shorts)
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Item number: 4182
Description ID: 286938389
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Obtained From

sugar sheet (1 per sheet)


  • After 31 combats the shorts shatter:
Your sugar shorts crack under the strain of battle and explode in delicious, razor-sharp shards. You try to cover yourself, but it's too late. Patrick Stewart has seen everything.
Sugshard.gifYou acquire 2-3 sugar shards


  • This item's description references the 1958 song "Short Shorts" by the Royal Teens.
  • The item description of "sticky" and "sweet" referring to your crotch may be a reference to either Def Leppard's song "Pour Some Sugar On Me" or Sammy Hagar's song "Rock Candy".
  • The shatter message references the episode Patrick Stewart from the television show Extras.

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Sugar sheets
Sugar item Type Effects
sugar chapeau Hat Spell Damage +50%
+10% chance of Spell Critical Hit
Regenerate 3-5 MP per adventure
sugar shank One-handed knife Weapon Damage +50%
Bleed on Critical hit
sugar shield Familiar Equipment +10 to Familiar Weight
sugar shillelagh Two-handed club Weapon Damage +50%
sugar shirt Shirt +3 Stat(s) Per Fight
sugar shotgun One-handed pistol Weapon Damage +50%
Stuns on Critical hit
sugar shorts Pants All Attributes +25%
Equipment shatters into sugar shards after 30 combat adventures