Sugar sheet

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sugar sheet
sugar sheet

Wow, you've never seen sugar do this before. It looks like someone liquified it, then poured it out into a glass-like pane. Like your mom, it's as delicious as it is brittle.

Also like your mom, you should probably do something with it before it cools.

Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: sugar sheets)
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Obtained From

Summon Sugar Sheet

When Used


  • All sugar equipment can be pulverized into sugar shards.
  • Sugar equipment also breaks into sugar shards after 31 combats with the item equipped.
  • Combats exited using free runaways will count against the 30 turn limit.
  • Each sugar item type has its own 31-combat counter. For example, if you use a sugar shield for 25 combats and then equip another familiar with a freshly-created sugar shield, the second shield will break after 6 more combats as both shields share the same counter.


  • Prior to a trivial update on September 1, 2014, this item did not use shop.php: instead, it used sugarsheets.php:
You can fold your X sugar sheets into a variety of items:
sugar shotgun Sugshotgun.gif [make one]
sugar shillelagh Sugshill.gif [make one]
sugar shank Sugshiv.gif [make one]
sugar chapeau Sughat.gif [make one]
sugar shorts Sugshorts.gif [make one]
sugar shield Sugshield.gif [make one]
sugar shirt Sugshirt.gif [make one]
If you do not have any sugar sheets left (after using a sheet):
You can't fold your 0 sugar sheets into a variety of items:
sugar shotgun Sugshotgun.gif
sugar shillelagh Sugshill.gif
sugar shank Sugshiv.gif
sugar chapeau Sughat.gif
sugar shorts Sugshorts.gif
sugar shield Sugshield.gif
sugar shirt Sugshirt.gif


TOP 10 sugar sheet collections
1. miSTRESS of the OBVIOUS - 11588 | 2. iaruk - 11584 | 3. Pastahead - 9793 | 4. kirByllAmA - 9780 | 5. whizdad - 9676
6. AnyLameName - 8916 | 7. mflGrMp - 8041 | 8. Joker - 5945 | 9. Tibbiara - 5586 | 10. Lord Stefano - 5010
Collection data courtesy of ePeterso2 and Jicken Wings
Sugar sheets
Sugar item Type Effects
sugar chapeau Hat Spell Damage +50%
+10% chance of Spell Critical Hit
Regenerate 3-5 MP per adventure
sugar shank One-handed knife Weapon Damage +50%
Bleed on Critical hit
sugar shield Familiar Equipment +10 to Familiar Weight
sugar shillelagh Two-handed club Weapon Damage +50%
sugar shirt Shirt +3 Stat(s) Per Fight
sugar shotgun One-handed pistol Weapon Damage +50%
Stuns on Critical hit
sugar shorts Pants All Attributes +25%
Equipment shatters into sugar shards after 30 combat adventures