Suddenly Salad!

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Suddenly Salad!
Suddenly Salad!

You step up to a stall with a sign reading "Suddenly Salad!" in a font and color scheme you generally associate with hippies. And indeed, the hobo behind the counter is decked out in a characteristically hippie fashion, dreadlocks and all, though he fortunately seems to have washed his hands recently.

"Hey there, man. Can I interest you in a beautiful free-range totally organic salad made only from the finest wild greens and vegetables?" He gestures at a number of wicker baskets on a table behind him, filled with a wide variety of plants and mushrooms.

"It all grows wild? Why don't you start a garden or something?"

"Because, like, man, I'm free. Free like the wind, you know? Free to go where the wind blows me. And I gotta extend that same freedom to Mother Nature and her precious bounty, man."

"...Right. And all this stuff that you picked is safe to eat?"

"Oh sure man, yeah! I've been eating these plants for years."

That doesn't set your mind entirely at ease.

Buy a salad for 20 hobo nickels

The hippie hobo (Hobbie? Hippo?) fixes you a salad, telling you all sorts of information about the plants he's using as he does so. The salad is actually pretty decent, as salads go, and it seems like the guy really does know his stuff.

AdventuresYou gain 60-80 Adventures.
You gain 200-400 Mysteriousness.
(You gain 5 Fullness.)
  • If you are too full:
You're too full to eat a salad right now.
You can't afford a salad right now.

Don't buy a salad.

"No thanks," you tell the guy, "but maybe you could tell me how to get out of this market?" "Sure thing, man. Stay beautiful." He points you to the way out, and flashes a peace sign at you as you leave.

Occurs at Hobopolis Town Square as a choice in the sub-adventure Food, Glorious Food.



  • 'Suddenly Salad' is a line of boxed pasta salad mixes from Betty Crocker. Riff claims to have been consciously unaware of this at the time of writing, thus further cementing his status as the George Harrison of the Asymmetric team.