Suckubus? You Hardly Know Us!

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Suckubus? You Hardly Know Us!
Suckubus? You Hardly Know Us!

You walk into one of the dimly-lit green rooms backstage, and see a suckubus reclining on a couch inside. She's holding a teddy bear, and trying to pose seductively, but she just looks like she has a crick in her neck.

"There you are, lover -- wait, you aren't Bognort," she says. "Oh, well, I guess you'll do."

"Uh, no thanks," you say. "I'm looking for Bognort, too. He's the drummer, right? The one who really likes soft things?"

The suckubus scowls at you. "Are you sure you're supposed to be back here? Bognort isn't the drummer, and he craves something white. Just get out of here, if you don't want to lie down with me."

She chucks her teddy bear at you. You catch it and hoof it out of the room, before you have to endure anymore inept come-ons from the suckubus.

Teddybear.gifYou acquire an item: beer-scented teddy bear

Occurs at Infernal Rackets Backstage.