Stupid Pipes.

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Stupid Pipes.
Stupid Pipes.

You reach a part of Anger Man's level where you have to cross a series of open pipes with fire bursting out of them. You watch the pattern for a while, and conclude that it's going to be impossible to cross them without getting burned.

Son. Of. A. Bitch. Unsolvable puzzles. They fill you with rage.

You pace back and forth, grinding your teeth and staring at the pipes..

Screw it. Just run across.

You run across the pipes. Blinded by rage, your timing is so bad that every single one of them hits you.

HPYou lose X hit points. (hot damage)
  • Getting beaten up:

And to add insult to injury, you are burned to a crisp before you manage to make it to the other side. Perfect. Just perfect.

  • Without getting beaten up:

At least you made it across.

Dive Down

You dive into one of the pipes and swim through the flames until you reach a grating. You see a glint from the other side of the grate. You grab it.

Flickerpixel.gifYou acquire an item: flickering pixel

No way.

You've had it up to here with this crap. You storm off in a huff.

Occurs at Anger Man's Level.


  • X starts at 250 HP, but can be reduced by hot resistance.
  • The flickering pixel can only be collected once per account. The option will disappear in subsequent encounters.