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Because this is a stupid and complicated game, sometimes players use interactions between old and new mechanics to carry out feats previously thought to be impossible. Sometimes things have always been possible but no-one thought to try them. These are known as stunt runs.


  • On the 14th of May 2015, yojimbo's law (under the name Actually Ed the Undying) did a 1-day Actually Ed the Undying run which is cool but someone else needs to explain why.
  • On the 9th of August 2020, Katarn made use of the Diabolic pizza cube (amongst various other IotM) to obtain a perfect 1-day 70-turn Hardcore Community Service ascension. Only 6 of these have been completed to date.
  • On the 26th of December 2020, worthawholebean used a Two Crazy Random Summer seed that set Elven limbos gingerbread fullness to 1 to consume over 30 and generate over 1,300 turns, breaking ronin and achieving the only 1 day TCRS run to date.
  • On the 5th of March 2021, Phillammon leveraged the potted power plant in concert with a bug that allowed users to fight the jilted mistress in a chain from the One Rustic Nightstand NC with 0 adventures remaining. Due to how energy generation works in You, Robot, this allowed Phill to generate double the energy from Rustic Nightstand fights fought with 1 adventure left. Because energy translates directly to turns in the path, this let him generate 1000 turns in a day, breaking ronin and putting up (to this point) the only 1-day You, Robot run.
  • Between the 15th and 27th of May 2021, SSBBHax utilised the cycling familiars within a Quantum Terrarium run to achieve a 100% run with the Plastic grocery bag - one of the April Fools familiars it had until the release of the path been impossible to obtain a 100% run with (except through extraordinary luck). This is particularly of note as the 15th of May was the first day of the path, and therefore this is reasonably the earliest this feat could be done.

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