Stuffed treasure chest

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stuffed treasure chest
stuffed treasure chest

This is a plush treasure chest, complete with actually-holds-stuff-inside-it action. It's the perfect place for you to tell your children to store their toys, and the perfect place for you to put your children's toys after the fifth time you trip over it[sic] on the stairway. Ungrateful little brats.

Type: off-hand item
Selling Price: 20 Meat.
Gift Item

(In-game plural: stuffed treasure chests)
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Item number: 3949
Description ID: 445881354
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Obtained From

Clan VIP Lounge
Deluxe Mr. Klaw "Skill" Crane Game (sometimes)

When Used

As soft as it is, you can't open this chest without a key.
You unlock the stuffed chest with the stuffed key, and pull out all of the loot:
Stuffrat.gifYou acquire some stuffed Baron von Ratsworths
Stuffsword.gifYou acquire some stuffed crazy bastard swords
Stuffmartini.gifYou acquire some stuffed martinuses
Stuffmeat.gifYou acquire some stuffed Meats
Stuffmink.gifYou acquire some stuffed minks
Stuffmonocle.gifYou acquire some stuffed monocles
Teddybutler.gifYou acquire some stuffed teddy butlers
Stuffcaviar.gifYou acquire some stuffed tins of caviar


  • When used with a stuffed key in inventory, both the chest and the key are consumed.
  • Opening the chest produces 3-5 stuffies. It is possible to get more than one of a particular stuffie from a single chest.
  • All of the stuffies that can be found in the chest can also be obtained directly from the Deluxe Mr. Klaw "Skill" Crane Game, except the stuffed martini and stuffed crazy bastard sword.


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