Strung-Up Quartet

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Strung-Up Quartet
Strung-Up Quartet

In a dusty corner of the Haunted Ballroom, you see a disturbing sight. Four ghostly figures hanging from ghostly nooses from a (non-ghostly) chandelier.

Looking more closely, you see that the strung-up figures are holding stringed instruments -- two violins, a viola, and a cello. How ghoulishly appropriate!

The figure in the lead suddenly looks at you, eyebrows raised. He's evidently waiting for instructions. What will you tell him?

Play 'Provare Compasione Per El Sciocco'

You say "Play 'Provare Compasione Per El Sciocco (Allegro Con Brio)' please." The quartet begins to play a lively, saucy song. The classical music version of a mosh pit breaks out in the Ballroom.

(Increases Monster Level by +5)

Play 'Sono Un Amanten Non Un Combattente'

You say "Play 'Sono Un Amante Non Un Combattente (Andante)' please." The quartet begins to play a mellow, relaxing tune. The cello and violin delicately intertwine like a pair of overfed anacondas.

(Decreases Combat Frequency by 5%)

Play 'Le Mie Cose Favorite'

You say "Play 'Le Mie Cose Favorite (Presto Non Troppo)' please." The quartet begins to play a lovely waltz, fast but not too fast. Your mind fills with images of bright copper kettles, soft woolen mittens, and brown paper packages tied up with string.

(Increases Item Drops by 5%)

Play nothing, please.
  • If the quartet is not playing music:
"I'm really not in the mood for any music," you say. "Maybe later."
  • If the quartet was playing music:
"Maybe you guys should take a break. Y'know, have a snack, stretch your necks... I mean... your legs. Stretch your legs."
Embarrassed, you shuffle off.

Occurs in The Haunted Ballroom.


  • Choosing a song that is already being played does not consume an Adventure and results in the message:
"You guys are doing fine," you say. "Just keep playing what you've been playing."
  • Choosing to play no song, even if you already have a song active, will stop them from playing the song, and will not consume an adventure.
  • The chosen effect will work anywhere in the Kingdom, as well as in the time-travelling adventures reached by gazing into an empty agua de vida bottle. The chosen song lasts until it is changed or the quartet is requested to stop. The effect continues through rollover but not through ascension.
  • Receiving this adventure removes it from the possible adventures in the Ballroom for 19 turns. That is, for the next 19 turns, any non-combat adventures received in the Ballroom will be the Curtains adventure, and not this one. After that period of time, this adventure returns as a possible adventure, meaning there is a 50% chance of getting it with each non-combat received. However, queue effects will often raise the encounter rate to much higher than the base 50%.
  • As of October 17, 2008, if you have a song playing you will get a message after combats every once in a while (or after every combat with Lord Spookyraven's ear trumpet equipped):
For Provare Compasione Per El Sciocco: "You hear strains of lively music in the distance."
For Sono Un Amante Non Un Combattente: "You hear strains of mellow music in the distance."
For Le Mie Cose Favorite: "You hear strains of lovely music in the distance."


  • Song 1 translates to "Show Pity For The Fool," which resembles the catch phrase of Mr. T, "I pity the fool." Note that the title is rather poor Italian; a better title would have been "Provare compassione per lo sciocco."
  • Song 2 translates to "I'm a Lover, not a Fighter"; a title without spelling errors would be: "Sono un amante, non un combattente."
  • Song 3 translates to "My Favorite Things," a song from the famous musical The Sound of Music by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Bright copper kettles, warm woolen mittens, and brown paper packages tied up with string are all things mentioned in the song. "Le mie cose favorite" is not wrong, exactly, but a native Italian speaker would have said "Le mie cose preferite" or "Le cose che preferisco."
  • The words in brackets are Italian terms, used in music to denote speed. They translate roughly as "Fast with motion," "At a walking pace" and "Fast, but not too much" respectively.
  • This adventure may be a reference to Vitamin String Quartet in which they make tributes to popular bands, with the albums usually being "Strung-Out on (Band name)."