Strong Resolve

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Strong Resolve

Strong Resolve

You're grunting and grimacing and fully intending to work out more. You're probably not going to, but you know how they say it takes like forty muscles to grimace? Well, those muscles are getting stronger, at least. "Forty Muscles to Grimace" is also the name of Jared Leto's new band.

+2 Muscle Stats Per Fight

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Effect number: 980
Description ID: 33cd14f56a3bef360c0d7736b9269cfa
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Summoned Resolutions
Resolution Effect
wealthier Greedy Resolve +30% Meat from Monsters
happier Joyful Resolve +15% Items from Monsters
feistier Destructive Resolve Weapon Damage +20
Spell Damage +20
stronger Strong Resolve +2 Muscle Stats Per Fight
smarter Brilliant Resolve +2 Mysticality Stats Per Fight
sexier Irresistible Resolve +2 Moxie Stats Per Fight
kinder Kindly Resolve +5 to Familiar Weight
luckier Fortunate Resolve Bonus Luck!
(several small bonuses)
more adventurous n/a +2 Rollover Adventures