Strike One!

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Strike One!
Strike One!

You see a bunch of imp tracks, all leading the same direction. You follow them, and find a massive crowd of imps. They're waving signs with slogans like, "Hey Deze is for Imps!" "Equal Pay for Equal Torture!" and "Hey Deze No! We Won't Go!"

"What's going on, you guys?" you ask. A nearby imp puts down his sign and walks over.

"We're going on strike," he says. "We're tired of being treated like second-class demons, just because we're small. We're striking until Satan gives in to our terms!"

"Aren't you worried he'll just crush you like bugs?" you say.

"Nah," the imp replies, "not if we stick together. As long as we have imp unity, there's no way we can be punished. Besides, we just found an artifact that the friars stole from us ages ago. As long as we have that artifact safely tucked away in a clearing in the middle of the Dark Neck, we're unstoppable! Here, wear this to show your solidarity with the struggle."

You thank the imp and head off to find where they've hidden the friar's artifact.

Rankring2.gifYou acquire an item: imp unity ring

Occurs at The Dark Neck of the Woods.


  • Has a cap of 11.


  • The phrase "imp unity" may be a pun on "impunity", which means "freedom from punishment" ("with impunity, there's no way we can be punished").