Stream of Sauce

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Stream of Sauce

Stream of Sauce

Type: Combat Spell
MP Cost: 2

This spell creates a stream of scorching sauce with which to baste your enemies.

Hose your foes down with hot sauce

Source: Guild Trainer
Price: 125 Meat
Class: Sauceror
Level: 1
Effect: Deals (9-11)+(0.2*Mys) Hot Damage, hard capped at 24
When Used:
You extend your arm with your palm toward your foe and your fingers pointing down, and a stream of sizzling <sauce> bursts from your hand, scorching him for X damage.
You blast him with a stream of hot <sauce>, dealing X damage.
You blast him with a stream of hot <sauce>, dealing X damage. Right in the <part>!



  • Was significantly changed after the Sauceror revamp on November, 2013:
    • This skill had the following description:
    This spell creates a stream of sauce, which will do 3-4 points of damage to an opponent.

    The damage of this spell increases slightly with your mysticality.
    • Previously, it dealt (3-4)+(Mys/10) Hot or Cold damage, where Mys is your buffed Mysticality (which is capped at 100), and divisions are rounded down.
    • This skill used to cost 250 Meat, was affected by Immaculate Seasoning and elemental tuning effects, and produced the following message when used:
    You cast a Stream of (hot or cold) <Catsup> at your opponent, which does X damage.
The sheer volume of sauce is overwhelming, and you can barely keep it under control. Some of it splashes back onto you.
Hand.gifYou acquire an effect: Burning Hands
(duration: 1 Adventure)
Hand.gifYou acquire an effect: Frozen Hands
(duration: 1 Adventure)
  • If your bonus spell damage exceeded the damage cap by X, and you were not a Sauceror, you would take Y damage instead, of the same element as your spell, where Y is equal to min(X,20)-2 to min(X,20), with a minimum damage of one, and reduced by your Elemental Resistance. The message you received is the following one:
The volume of sauce is too great for you to control, and the spell backfires, spraying sauce everywhere.
HPYou lose Y hit points. (hot damage)
HPYou lose Y hit points. (cold damage)