Strange leaflet

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strange leaflet
strange leaflet

This is a strange leaflet that arrived at the Council of Loathing with your name on it. The return address reads:

The Frobozz Magic Leaflet Company
Next To The Lighthouse

Festeron, Antharia, 23-52-1

Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: strange leaflets)
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Item number: 520
Description ID: 787599360
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Obtained From

Seaside Town
The Council of Loathing (once you reach level 9)


  • Festeron, Antharia is the setting of the Infocom text adventure Wishbringer. The envelope that came with the game was addressed to Propietor, Ye Olde Magick Shoppe, Festeron, Antharia 23-52-1.
  • This also refers to the Zork series of games, in which you would find a strange leaflet in the mailbox containing a short greeting to the game. The quest associated with the leaflet is in Zork text-adventure style. Also, Frobozz (also known as FrobozzCo International), is a fictional company existing in the world of Zork, whose products can be found throughout the world, often with humorous effect.
  • The fact that it is granted at level 9 is likely a reference to Level 9 Computing, a developer of text-based adventure games similar to what this item provides.

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