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strange cube
strange cube

This sinister black and gold cube is engraved with a snake motif. It's oddly cold to the touch, and though it seems to be carved out of wood, it feels unusually heavy for that to be the case. What's worse: the knowledge that, if you open this, steel hooks are probably going to shoot out and give you impromptu nipple piercings? Or the fact that you know you're going to be unable to resist opening it anyway?

Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: strange cubes)
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
The Traveling Trader (100 twinkly wads)

When "Fiddled"

You start fiddling with the strange cube.


You pull out your strange cube and starting playing with it again.

A Strange Box
Piece 12br
Piece 5lt
Piece 7rb
Piece 14rl
Piece 15te
Piece 13bl
Piece 3lt
Piece 4rt
Piece 6br
Piece 10bl
Piece 2lr
Piece 9tl
Piece 11bt
Piece 1hr
Piece 8lt
  • When solved, but not in the secret way:

You slide the last tile into place, completing the picture of the snake, and hear a little click as the lid unlocks. You take a moment to savor the thrill of success, then open the box and look inside...

...Oh, huh. It's just a dense meat stack. That seems pretty anticlimactic. You take the meat and chuck the box away in disappointment.

Meatstack.gifYou acquire an item: dense meat stack
  • When solved in the secret way:

As you slide the last tile into place, the front of the box pops open, and a hook launches out on a piece of rusty chain, piercing your flesh!

"Ow!" you say, as you pull the hook out. "If this gives me tetanus, I'm going to be severely ticked off." You peer into the box's opening, but see nothing but inky darkness. "What is this, some kind of joke?"

A gravelly laugh echoes out of the box. "Come to me! Come to <demon name>! I have such sights to show you!"

"I've got a raised middle finger to show you, buddy," you growl as you pitch the box as far away as possible.


  • This item can be fiddled in your inventory; it will reveal a 15-slider puzzle.
  • The starting position of the empty square is always in the top left, as is the head of the snake in the normal solution.
  • The puzzle has a different solution every time.
  • The pieces are handily numbered from the head to the tail; the numbers can be found in the mouseover text of the pieces.
  • When solved in the secret way, this item grants a demon name that can be used in the Summoning Chamber.
  • Ascending does NOT reset the puzzle, according to this forum post.


  • Regular (bad) solution:
    • The diamonds go from large to small.
    • The diamonds also change from white to black only on the pieces that indicate it, not between pieces.
    • Follow the numbers (the ones you get from hovering over the tiles)
  • Secret solution:
    • A write-up on the demon name solution can be found in this AFH forum thread (archived). Keep in mind that which puzzle you get is random, you need to actually solve it yourself not just copy the solution given in the above post.
    • Solve it on paper first before applying the secret solution, fiddling with the puzzle will lose you access to the secret solution and require that you buy an additional Strange Cube
    • Follow the path of the regular solution with the empty square, taking care not to accidentally rearrange anything before starting this process. Deviating from the secret solution will require solving the cube normally and buying a new cube.


  • A similar-looking cube is present in all of the Hellraiser movies. This reference is further reinforced by the official in-game announcement, "The Traveling Trader is back to raise a little more Hell."


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