Stone wool

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stone wool
stone wool

This is like a primitive version of steel wool. If your name was Lee, and you were into making models of happy turtles out of various materials, you might use this to make a merry wool stone craft shell, Lee.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 30 Meat.
Effect: Stone-Faced (5 Adventures)Damage Reduction: 3

(In-game plural: handfuls of stone wool)
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Item number: 5643
Description ID: 437989265
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Obtained From

The Hidden Temple
baa-relief sheep
Baa'baa'bu'ran (3) (Lucky Adventure)
Deck of Every Card
Draw a Card (Sheep) (3)

When Used

You use the stone wool to wash your face. It accomplishes pretty much the opposite by immediately crumbing to powder.
Stonewool.gifYou acquire an effect: Stone-Faced
(duration: 5 Adventures)


  • While Stone-Faced is active, you are guaranteed to receive the Fitting In adventure when adventuring at The Hidden Temple. Note that you immediately lose the effect when selecting an option from the choice adventure.
  • Stone wool is quite valuable during an ascension because of that. Here's what you can use it for:
    • The first stone wool gets you The Nostril of the Serpent, required for the Macguffin quest. Select "Explore the higher levels" and then "Climb down some vines".
    • The second stone wool (after you've read your father's diary) gets you into the secret chambers. Select "Poke around the ground floor", "Go down the stairs" and "The one with the cute little lightning-tailed guy on it".
    • Additional stone wool can be used for bonus adventures and effect extension (once per ascension), or power leveling:
      • For adventures+effects, select "Explore the higher levels" and "Head towards the top of the temple".
      • For power leveling, you can either fight cave bars or take ~100 stats.
        • To fight the cave bars, select "Head downwards" and "The growling".
        • For muscle stats, select "Poke around the ground floor". If the door is decorated with a carved stone hemisphere, choose "Go through the door". Otherwise, "Go down the stairs", choose "The one with the ball on it", then "Go through the door".
        • For mysticality stats, select "Explore the higher levels", then "Sidle along the ledge".
        • For moxie stats, select "Poke around the ground floor", then "Go back the way you came". Be prepared to deal with or remove the Somewhat Poisoned effect you will receive.



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