Stone Pyramid

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As soon as you've left port, the strange pyramid in your sack begins pulsing wildly and glowing more brightly than ever. The nearer you get to your destination, the more urgently the pyramid seems to be trying to get you to go somewhere else.

You finally give in, and order the navigator to sail in the direction that seems to calm the pyramid down a bit. It eventually leads you to longitude 63, latitude 29, where the pyramid, now calm, begins to float of its own volition, and slowly tosses itself overboard.

Moments later, the ship is tossed backward violently as the sea begins to churn. Before your eyes, an island emerges from the ocean. A perfectly circular island, with a weird-looking stone plinth in the middle of it.





  • Unlocked the Plinth adventure at the coordinate 63, 29.
  • Removed the strange stone pyramid from the inventory of the player.
  • When this adventure occurred, the following message appeared to those in chat
System Message: A brilliant flash of blue light is visible from everywhere in the Kingdom. Looks like El Vibrato just discovered something important...

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