Stick of dynamite

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stick of dynamite
stick of dynamite

This is a stick of very old dynamite -- so old, in fact, that the nitroglycerin has begun to sweat out of it and crystallize on the surface. This is extremely dangerous, but as long as you don't gesture animatedly with it while you're talking about how dangerous it is, you should be fine.

(Meat Pasting component)
Type: combat item
Selling Price: 31 Meat.

Deals 15-20 Physical Damage

(In-game plural: sticks of dynamite)
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Item number: 2493
Description ID: 333120731
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Obtained From

dude ranch souvenir crate
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
The Shore (Distant Lands Dude Ranch Adventure)

When Used

You light the stick of dynamite and toss it at your opponent. It goes off with more of a whimper than a bang -- must've been a dud. In any case, it deals 15-20 damage.




  • The description is a reference to the show Lost. In the finale of the first season, a survivor named Arzt does exactly what the description says -- while explaining why the old dynamite is so dangerous, he waves it around, prompting it to explode and kill him.
  • The line "more of a whimper than a bang" in the item description references the final stanza of the T.S. Eliot poem "The Hollow Men". See also: Knob Goblin firecracker.


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