Stench wad

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Stat gains were approximately doubled on January 1, 2018 when adventures were removed - exact ranges need to be rechecked
Though the item on this page is marked as a meatsmithing ingredient, it does not currently have any recipes associated with it.

stench wad
stench wad

This is a great big wad of the pure essence of stench. It's totally funky. In a bad way.

(Meatsmithing component)
(Cooking ingredient)
Type: spleen item (decent)
Toxicity: 1
Level required: 6
Selling Price: 90 Meat.
Effect: Stenchtastic (20 Adventures)Muscle +20%
Mysticality +30%
Moxie +10%
+10 Stench Damage
So-So Stench Resistance (+2)

(In-game plural: stench wads)
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Item number: 1454
Description ID: 546916092
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Obtained From

Powerful equipment with Stench Damage or with hot or spooky resistance
asbestos apron (0-2)
bat-ass leather jacket (0-3)
battered hubcap (0-2)
beer-a-pult (0-3)
beer bong (0-3)
biomechanical crimborg helmet (0-1)
biomechanical crimborg leg armor (0-1)
C.B.F.G. (0-1)
C.H.U.M. knife (0-1)
C.H.U.M. lantern (0-3)
clingfilm cap (0-1)
club of the five seasons (0-1)
duct tape dockers (0-3)
Earring of Fire (0-1)
Gaia beads (0-2)
giant discarded torn-up glove (0-1)
glowing red eye (0-1)
goatskin umbrella (0-3)
grungy bandana (0-1)
immense cyborg hand (0-1)
Lockenstock™ sandals (0-2)
longhaired hippy wig (0-3)
Mudflap-Girl Earring (0-1)
Nose Ring of Putrescence (0-1)
Orange peel hat (0-3)
palm-frond cloak (0-1)
plexiglass pinky ring (0-3)
polyalloy shield (0-1)
Putrid Pendant (0-1)
Pygmy briefs (0-1)
rainbow crossbow (0-1)
rainbow pearl earring (0-3)
rainbow pearl ring (0-3)
Ring of the Sewer Snake (0-1)
six-rainbow shield (0-2)
spark plug earring (0-3)
stinkin' bindle (0-3)
tarrrnished charrrm bracelet (0-1)
toy space helmet (0-2)
yohohoyo (0-2)
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
antique helmet


Potion9.gif spooky wad twinkly wad
Equals.gif stench wad
Malus sm.gif 25 piles of stench powder
Malus sm.gif 5 clusters of stench nuggets
Equals.gif stench wad

When Used

You chew the wad until the flavor runs out.
You gain 32-40 Muscleboundness.
You gain 45-60 Enchantedness.
You gain 11-20 Cheek.
Scwad.gifYou acquire an effect: Stenchtastic
(duration: 20 Adventures)
(You gain 1 Spleen.)



  • Items that can smash directly to a stench wad also have a slight chance of giving an effluvious emerald instead of a wad.


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