Steal Accordion

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Steal Accordion

Steal Accordion

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 0

Accordion Thieves have the option to try to steal an accordion from creatures that can drop them.

Attempts to steal an accordion from the monster.

Source: Starting skill for Accordion Thief
Price: N/A
Class: Accordion Thief
Level: N/A
When Used:
Variable message (see below)


  • The skill is only available on creatures that have an accordion to steal.
  • The success text is unique to the creature it is stolen from.
  • Unlike Pickpocket, this skill may be used in any round of combat, regardless of Combat Initiative. It may be used after a Pickpocket, successful or not.
  • Each type of accordion (eg, quirky accordion, autocalliope, etc) can only be stolen once per day.
  • The following monsters are known to possess stealable accordions:
Accordion Stolen From Song Duration Enchantment
accord ion hellion 10 +5 Hot Damage
accordion file Knob Goblin Accountant 10 Regen 2-4 MP per adv
Accordion of Jordion 1335 HaXx0r 14 +5% Item Drops and +10% Meat
accordionoid rocca Drab Bard 18 Damage Reduction: 10 (First Hit Only)
alarm accordion alert mariachi 20 +20% Initiative and +3 adv/day
autocalliope Steampunk Giant 15 +2 Prismatic Damage
Bal-musette accordion Depressing French accordionist 10 +4 PvP fights/day
baritone accordion bar 7 Regen 2-4 HP per adv
beer-battered accordion drunken half-orc hobo or hung-over half-orc hobo 6 +2 Sleaze Damage
bone bandoneon toothy sklelton 11 +7 Spooky Damage
Cajun accordion Lively Cajun accordionist 10 +15 Max HP/MP
ghost accordion skeletal sommelier 16 +5 Spooky Damage and +15% Booze drops
guancertina perpendicular bat 9 +4 Stench Damage
mama's squeezebox werecougar 8 +3 Moxie
non-Euclidean non-accordion cubist bull 15 +15% Initiative
peace accordion War Hippy (space) cadet 19 +12 Stench Damage
pentatonic accordion Ninja Snowman (Chopsticks) 12 +9 Cold Damage
pygmy concertinette drunk pygmy 17 +10 Weapon Damage
quirky accordion Quirky indie-rock accordionist 10 +5 Monster Level