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The Star Starfish Trick is a way to regenerate MP during the game for players who don't have enough meat to purchase it via soda water or Magical mystery juice. Rather than attacking monsters, players choose actions with no or minimal damage and wait for the Star Starfish or Cocoabo-type familiar to kill the monster, which adds to your MP as it successfully attacks.

The usual way to use this technique is as follows:

  • Make the Star Starfish your current familiar, and buff it with whatever equipment you have available (including moving the lead necklace from your primary familiar)
  • Alternatively, use the NPZR at The Knob Shaft. Useful for low-moxie characters armed with cans of hair spray.
  • Unequip your primary weapon
  • Unequip anything that adds weapon damage
  • Start combat against an enemy that can't hit you (see Safe Adventuring)
  • Attacks against the monster will only do 1 damage

Against stronger monsters (or with a weak Starfish), it's important to count the number of rounds you have spent in combat. The usual upper limit is 30, at which point you lose and don't receive stat points for the battle. At round 29 you should consider using an item or a low-MP skill/spell to finish off the enemy; Chronic Indigestion, Thrust-Smack, Stream of Sauce, and Ravioli Shurikens are all options to consider.

The main disadvantage of using this technique is that adventuring with the Starfish gives lower stat point gains than the volleyball-type familiars normally used for faster ascension. In addition, limiting yourself to monsters that can never hit you isn't optimal for stat gains either (especially true for NPZR fishing).

Reducing the damage of your attacks

Any time you damage the monster instead of allowing the starfish to do so, that reduces the total MP you could recharge with. You can use an item or cast a spell instead. Note that you should disable auto-attack for your character if you want to use an item on the first round.

There are a variety of ways to prevent the damage you do via your attacks:

Recharging with a weapon

You can still equip a weapon and use this trick. Those who normally adventure with a Mysticality boosting item like a Myst class Epic Weapon can benefit the most from this, as you will have more MP to potentially recharge. The preferred way is to use one of the very low/no-damage techniques listed in the table above. But most of these aren't available easily.

There are a few items in the game that do minimal damage (2-3 points), are easy to obtain very early in the game, and are not consumed when you use them in combat. These can serve as alternates:

If your Moxie exceeds the most difficult area you have unlocked at your current level, you might even equip a weapon that increases Monster Level and use one of the items listed here or above.

Similar Familiars

Other familiars with Starfish-like recharging abilities include:

Instead of the fairly predicable actions of the standard Starfish type, some like using this technique with a familiar that has Cocoabo-like properties instead (the most powerful of which is the Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot). That can also restore HP and give you meat. While these can restore a substantial amount of MP, their random nature can be frustrating; you're not guaranteed to get any MP from them, and they may attack and kill your enemy prematurely (this is where The Knob Shaft can really shine).

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