Star Garb

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Outfit number: 12
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The Star Garb is an outfit.

Star Garb

Outfit Bonus:
Muscle +7
Mysticality +7
Moxie +7

Hat: Starhat.gif star hat
Off-Hand: Starbuck.gif star buckler
Pants: Starpants.gif star pants
Star Garb (Male)


Star Garb (Female)


  • Trick-or-Treating in this outfit may yield some Senior Mints.
  • This outfit allows you to get the Star Tattoo from the Pretentious Artist.
  • This outfit gives All Attributes +9, Maximum MP +30, Combat Initiative +20%, when including the individual enchantments of each piece of equipment being worn.
  • This outfit will require a total of 16 stars and 16 lines, or 15 stars and 12 lines with patience and a zap wand.


  • The fact that this outfit gives Senior Mints may be a reference to A Clockwork Orange, in which "starry" translates as old (or senior) from Nadsat.

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