Stabonic scroll

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Stabonic scroll
Stabonic scroll

This scroll contains a copy of one page of the Stabonic Manuscripts, a malevolent necromantic document penned in the pre-pre-history of Loathing, back when pens hadn't even been invented yet.

Type: usable (once per day)
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: Stabonic scrolls)
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Item number: 4757
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Obtained From

The Cannon Museum during A Skeleton Invasion!
Rene C. Corman

When Used

  • First use each day:
You try to read the scroll. The language is beyond you, but the illustrations are detailed enough that you're able to perform at least part of the ritual.

A grinning skull erupts from the ground near your feet and starts floating next to you.

Skullicon.gifYou acquire an effect: Bone Homie
(duration: 20 Adventures)
  • Subsequent uses in a day:
You try to perform the ritual again, but nothing happens. Maybe by tomorrow your skull juice will have replenished itself enough for you to try again.



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