St. Sneaky Pete's Oyster Day

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Today is St. Sneaky Pete's Oyster Day!
Drink! Egg-hunt! Oyster basket! Drink! AUUUGH!
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St. Sneaky Pete's Oyster Day fell on Starch 3, Year 13 (April 16, 2006), which was a combination of the normal St. Sneaky Pete's Day and the real-life Roman Catholic Easter, thus becoming Oyster Egg Day as well. Eastern Orthodox Easter occurred a week later (April 23, 2006) which, appropriately enough, happened to be KoL's April 2, Year 13, the normal in-game date for Oyster Egg Day.

Such a combination of in-game and real-life holidays is rare: the next time these two particular holidays appear to coincide is in 2045, under the reverse circumstances - a real-life St Patrick's Day coinciding with in-game Oyster Day.

Special Items

Special Adventures

With the exception of the following, all normal St. Sneaky Pete's Day Stupor adventures apply.