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Monster ID 2012
Locations Seaside Town (Eldritch Incursion)
Hit Points  ???
Attack 300
Defense 300
Initiative 0
Meat None
Phylum horror
Elements spooky
Resistance  ?
Monster Parts eye, sucker, tentacle
1-11 eldritch effluvium, eldritch mushroom, 0-11 eldritch ichor
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
Sssshhsssblllrrggghsssssggggrrgglsssshhssslblgl You're fighting Sssshhsssblllrrggghsssssggggrrgglsssshhssslblgl

You hear in your mind, "You are nothing mortal. This world will be mine. Give me your soul."

Combat rages around you and you see that <player_name> damaged Sssshhsssblllrrggghsssssggggrrgglsssshhssslblgl for <N> damage using skills, a <familiar>, and spells.

A giant tentacled horror looms over you and Seaside Town.
Tinydancer.gifYou acquire an effect: Feeling Insignificant
(duration: 1 Adventure)

Hit Message(s):

Sssshhsssblllrrggghsssssggggrrgglsssshhssslblgl is done with you, and flicks you away like a bad penny.

Critical Hit Message:

not known

Miss Message(s):

It seems like Sssshhsssblllrrggghsssssggggrrgglsssshhssslblgl is ignoring you.

Sssshhsssblllrrggghsssssggggrrgglsssshhssslblgl floats and wriggles angrily.

Sssshhsssblllrrggghsssssggggrrgglsssshhssslblgl glares at you.

Sssshhsssblllrrggghsssssggggrrgglsssshhssslblgl stares at you.

You feel Sssshhsssblllrrggghsssssggggrrgglsssshhssslblgl hating you.

You sense Sssshhsssblllrrggghsssssggggrrgglsssshhssslblgl trying to psychically destroy you.

Fumble Message:

not known

After Combat

You damaged Sssshhsssblllrrggghsssssggggrrgglsssshhssslblgl for X damage using One or more of: clever tricks, a [familiar], harsh words, normal attacks, paltry attacks, spells, skills, and your chefstaff.

You[sic] boiling hot-blood has allowed you to pierce through his horrific protections and deal actual damage! (when vulnerable to Hot Blooded)


Filled with a spirit of companionship and humming a pleasant tune, you break through his protections! (when vulnerable to Chorale of Companionship)


In your sugar-filled state, you manage to blast through his defenses and deliver some real damage! (when vulnerable to So You Can Work More...)


It must be the right turn to damage this beast, because you appear to have done some real damage. (when vulnerable to Timer 7)


Your lack of care allows you get inside his defenses and do some damage! (when vulnerable to Apathy)


You're not sure how many eldritch horrors you are fighting in your goofed up state, but you think you hurt at least one of them! (when vulnerable to Hopped Up on Goofballs)


The poison in your blood osmoses into him and makes your attacks work! (when vulnerable to Hardly Poisoned at All)


You surprised him by serving him some pain instead of a delicious meal! (when vulnerable to Crappily Disguised as a Waiter)


Your attacks don't seem to be working, maybe you should check with Dr. Stuart in his Science Tent. (without appropriate effect)


Your attacks don't seem to be working, you'll have to figure out how to tune your damage. Maybe some sort of disguise to trick him. (without Crappily Disguised as a Waiter, post-Second Eldritch Incursion)
Eldeffluv.gifYou acquire 1-11 eldritch effluvia (% chance)*

It looks like you knocked something off his tentacle.
Moxshroom.gifYou acquire an item: eldritch mushroom (% chance)*

If you had the appropriate effect:

You must have hurt him a bit, his inky ichor rains down on you... so you collect it.
Blooddrops.gifYou acquire 1-11 drops of eldritch ichor (% chance)*

Well, at least you did a small part.

Occurs when fighting the horror attacking Seaside Town.


  • The amount of eldritch ichor dropped is based on how much damage you did during the fight: sqrt(damage/1000). For those too lazy to do math, the progression is 1000, 4000, 9000, 16000, 25000, 36000, 49000, 64000, 81000, 100000, and 121000. The Hagnk's Gratitude effect gives an additional 1-3 ichor.
  • While Sssshhsssblllrrggghsssssggggrrgglsssshhssslblgl has a vulnerability, ichor will drop only if you have the particular effect to which it is vulnerable.
  • Each combat round, you get (many) messages indicating how well everybody else is doing:
Combat rages around you and you see that <player_name> damaged Sssshhsssblllrrggghsssssggggrrgglsssshhssslblgl for <N> damage using glancing blows, regular attacks, skills, clever tricks, spells, and their cheffstaff[sic].
  • The verb appears to change based on increasing damage dealt: plinked, bothered, damaged, whomped, epically whomped, epically blasted, epically devastated, and super epically devastated.
  • If you fumble your weapon and thus lose all your HP, the battle will end immediately and you will be Beaten Up. However, you will still collect eldritch effluvium and ichor as usual. Furthermore, you can fight this monster while Beaten Up, and the effect will be removed at the end of the battle.
  • Sssshhsssblllrrggghsssssggggrrgglsssshhssslblgl resists stunning:
"Hah, you think that will stop me," a voice booms in your mind.
  • Sssshhsssblllrrggghsssssggggrrgglsssshhssslblgl can block items:
"A tentacle lashes out and stops you from using that before you even start."
  • This monster can be fought while drunk.
  • At about 3:18PM on February 3, 2017, the following appeared in chat:
Sssshhsssblllrrggghsssssggggrrgglsssshhssslblgl: I HAVE EVOLVED.
  • Sssshhsssblllrrggghsssssggggrrgglsssshhssslblgl's vulnerability to Timer 7 is presumed to be a bug. The effect ID for Timer 7 is the same as the item ID for the bottle of goofballs, and for roughly the first half of that day it had text that better described Hopped Up on Goofballs. Subsequently, the message was changed to better reference Timer 7 and Goofballs was reintroduced at a later time.
You're not sure how many eldritch horrors you are fighting in your goofed up state, but you think you hurt at least one of them!