Spooky mummy

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Spooky mummy
Monster ID 201
Locations The Spooky Forest
Hit Points 3
Attack 4
Defense 3
No-Hit 14
Initiative 50
Meat 8-12
Phylum undead
Elements spooky
Resistance None
Monster Parts arm, head, leg, torso
dried face, spooky shrunken head
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
spooky mummy You're fighting a spooky mummy

In the Spooky Forest, you are attacked by one of the spookiest mummies you've ever seen.

This isn't saying much, though, since you've never found mummies to be particularly spooky. I mean, "Ooooh, no! I'll have to walk slightly faster if I want to escape!"

Hit Message(s):

He wraps you up in bandages, then pulls the end of it really fast so you spin around and fall down. And hit your head on a passing rock. Ouch! (spooky damage)

He summons a swarm of flesh-eating beetles, which do about what you'd expect. If only they'd have been beatles, instead -- those just hold your hand. Ugh!

Critical Hit Message:

He catches you not paying attention, and actually manages to catch up to you. He pulls your head close to his, and lets out the foulest belch you've ever smelled. It's like a thousand years' worth of beer and cabbage. Ugh! (stench damage)

Miss Message(s):

He tries to wrap you in his bandages, but you amble away at a leisurely pace.

He transforms into his true form, which turns out to be a pudgy, doe-eyed guy. You laugh at him until he runs away crying.

Fumble Message:

He tries to strangle you with his bandages, but ends up strangling himself, instead. Very slowly. And ineffectively. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Meat.gifYou gain 8-12 Meat (average: 10, stdev: 1.15)*
Driedface.gifYou acquire an item: dried face (10% chance)*
Shead.gifYou acquire an item: spooky shrunken head (20% chance)*
Pill6.gifYou acquire an item: ancient pills (20% chance)*
You gain 1 <substat>.

Occurs at The Spooky Forest.


  • This adventure references Desperation by Stephen King, specifically the comment "Oh shit, the mummy's after us! ...Let's all walk a little faster."
  • The beetles / beatles successful attack message is a reference to the song I Want to Hold your Hand by The Beatles.