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spooky lipstick
spooky lipstick

You know what they say -- spooky lips sink ships. Well, actually, it's loose lips that sink ships, though it's been proven that they're much less effective than, say, an iceberg. Anyway, this is a tube of spooky lipstick for giving your lips that kissable, touchable, spooky gloss.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 50 Meat.
Effect: Gothy (10 Adventures)Mysticality +20
Muscle -10
Moxie -10

(In-game plural: tubes of spooky lipstick)
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Item number: 1136
Description ID: 821460350
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Obtained From

The Spooky Gravy Burrow
Stage Fright (with ten-leaf clover)
spooky cosmetics bag (4-6)

When Used

You apply the spooky lipstick. Your lips become as black as your soul, as moist as the rain, and as mysterious as a miasma.
Gothy.gifYou acquire an effect: Gothy
(duration: 10 Adventures)


  • "Loose lips sink ships" was an Allied slogan during World War II taken from military propaganda posters; it was a warning not to divulge ship locations and sailing times, even in casual conversation, for fear an enemy agent might overhear and sabotage the ship.
  • The iceberg comment is likely a reference to the RMS Titanic and its tragic -- and incredibly famous -- sinking by an iceberg in 1912.
  • The use text might refer to Rainy Soul Miasma.


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