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The purpose of this table is to make Arboreal Respite in The Spooky Forest a little easier to navigate.

Choices Result
Follow the old road
(The Road Less Traveled)
Follow the ruts You gain some meat.
Knock on the cottage door Without wooden stakes in inventory Wooden stakes
With wooden stakes in inventory, and without any vampire hearts in inventory Does not consume an adventure
With wooden stakes in inventory, and with at least one vampire heart in inventory Give him all your hearts Trades each vampire heart for a bottle of used blood
"Maybe later" Does not consume an adventure
Talk to the hunter
(Tree's Last Stand)
Sell him a bar skin for 75 meat
  • You gain 75 meat.
  • Does not end the adventure
Sell all your bar skins for X meat
  • You gain X meat
  • Does not end the adventure
Buy a tree for 100 meat
Take your leave
  • Ends the adventure
Explore the Stream
(Consciousness of a Stream)
March to the marsh First time Mosquito larva
Subsequent times 3 spooky mushrooms.
Squeeze into the cave First time
Subsequent times Does not consume an adventure
Go further upstream
(An Interesting Choice)
Interview the vampire Gain 5-10 Chutzpah
Interrogate the vampire Gain 5-10 Muscleboundness
Inter the vampire Fight a spooky vampire
Brave the dark thicket
(Through Thicket and Thinnet)
Follow the even darker path
(A Three-Tined Fork)
Take the normal path
Follow the single set to the copse
Follow the double set to the other copse
Take the scorched path
(A Pair of Craters)
Investigate the smoking crater
Investigate the moist crater
Take the dark path
(The Road Less Visible)
Continue down the path
Investigate the Bushes
Investigate the dense foliage Spooky-gro fertilizer
Follow the coin
(O Lith, Mon)
Only occurs if you have a tree-holed coin in your inventory
Insert coin to continue spooky temple map
Ignore the monolith Does not consume an adventure
Hit a monkey with a bone Does not consume an adventure
Give up and go back fake blood