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How is damage determined when you use this and are hit? Extra ML, multiplied by some constant, or something else?

Spooky Putty sheet
Spooky Putty sheet

This is a wad of Spooky Putty that you've pressed into a flat sheet, so that you can copy newspaper ink with it.

In completely unrelated news, Knob Goblin Scientists have recently discovered that most monsters in the Kingdom of Loathing are composed, at the molecular level, of a high percentage of newspaper ink.

Type: combat item (reusable)
Cannot be discarded

Makes a copy of a monster to fight later

(In-game plural: Spooky Putty sheets)
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Item number: 3665
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Obtained From

container of Spooky Putty
Spooky Putty ball

When Used

  • From Inventory (squished):
Shuddering, you squish the Spooky Putty into a new shape.
HPYou lose 5% of your maximum hit points. (spooky damage)
Sputtysnake.gifYou acquire an item: Spooky Putty snake


Sputtymitre.gifYou acquire an item: Spooky Putty mitre
  • In combat:
You press the sheet of spooky putty against <him> and make a perfect copy, which you shove into your sack. <He> doesn't seem to appreciate it too much...
Sputtycopy.gifYou acquire an item: Spooky Putty monster
  • If you try to use your sheet more than 5 times in a day, or make more than 6 copies total (with the Rain-Doh black box):
You're too scared to copy any more monsters today. Maybe you'll feel braver tomorrow.
  • If you try to use it against a monster that cannot be copied:
This monster is a little too scary for you to make a copy of it.
For some reason, you can't bring yourself to make a copy of this monster. It's just too... unique and special.
You've already got one copy of a monster, and you're too scared to hold onto more than one at a time.
You can't use this item in Hardcore.


Container of Spooky Putty squeezables
Putty item Type Enchantment
Sputtysheet.gif Spooky Putty sheet Combat Item Copy monsters in combat
Sputtysnake.gif Spooky Putty snake Chefstaff Spell Damage +50%
+20 Damage to Spooky Spells
Regenerate 6-8 MP per adventure
Sputtymitre.gif Spooky Putty mitre Hat +3 Stat(s) Per Fight
Sputtypants.gif Spooky Putty leotard Pants Combat Initiative +15%
+15% Meat from Monsters
Sputtyball.gif Spooky Putty ball One-handed superball +10 Spooky Damage


  • Allows you to copy monsters.
  • Can not be used in Hardcore.
  • You must have Spirit of Rigatoni or a special sauce glove equipped for this item to turn into the Spooky Putty snake, otherwise it will turn into the Spooky Putty mitre.
  • Upon successfully copying a monster, your Spooky Putty sheet is replaced by the "Spooky Putty monster" item. Your sheet is returned upon using the Spooky Putty monster and entering combat. As such, you can use the sheet again while fighting the copy you just created.
  • Even if you have more than one sheet the maximum uses per-day are 5.
  • You are allowed 6 copies a day, but can only use the Putty Sheet 5 times. In order to get the other copy, you must use the Rain-Doh black box.
  • Causes the monster to automatically hit, if able to attack that round.
  • Shares a counter with the Rain-Doh black box.

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