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Spooky Advent Calendar

The Spooky Advent Calendar was placed in the Campground of all players on December 1, 2006; it disappeared after December 31, 2006. The Advent Calendar has a total 25 sections, one for every day in December until Crimboween. Every day, players are able to open one section, and receive an item. The first section you punch out is Section 25, and it counts down to Section 1, which is opened on Crimboween.

You haven't punched any sections out of your Spooky Advent calendar so far. There is/are X more section(s) left to punch out right now.

Unopened Section
Punch It

  • Days 1-13 (Sections 25-13)
You punch out a section of the Spooky Advent calendar. A Spooky Adventer is You!
Fruitcake.gifYou acquire an item: ancient unspeakable fruitcake
Candystake.gifYou acquire an item: candy stake
Confused.gifYou acquire an item: gingerbread horror
Poisoncup.gifYou acquire an item: spooky eggnog
  • Days 14-17 (Sections 12-9)
Choco.gifYou acquire an item: fancy but probably evil chocolate
  • Days 18-20 (Sections 8-6)
Batcookie.gifYou acquire an item: bat-shaped Crimboween cookie
Skullcookie.gifYou acquire an item: skull-shaped Crimboween cookie
Tombcookie.gifYou acquire an item: tombstone-shaped Crimboween cookie
  • Day 21 (Section 5)
Tpvampire.gifYou acquire an item: tiny plastic gift-wrapping vampire
  • Day 22 (Section 4)
Tpyuletroll.gifYou acquire an item: tiny plastic ancient yuletide troll
  • Day 23 (Section 3)
Tpskelrein.gifYou acquire an item: tiny plastic skeletal reindeer
  • Day 24 (Section 2)
Tppentagram.gifYou acquire an item: tiny plastic Crimboween pentagram
  • Day 25 (Section 1)
Tplinnea.gifYou acquire an item: tiny plastic Scream Queen
Huh. Apparently, this section has two things in it. Curious...
Chocolump.gifYou acquire an item: chocolate lump

There are X sections left on your advent calendar. Today's section has already been punched out.

Opened Section


  • Any days that you miss will be punchable later. If you don't open it the day it becomes available, there will be two (or more) sections to punch out after the next rollover.
  • Ascending does not allow you to punch out the same section twice in one day. If you punch out the current day's section, ascend, then click the calendar in your campground after ascension, you will be told that "Today's section has already been punched out." However, if you punch out a quest item, you can get another one, if you lose it by ascending.
  • Because of a bug, some players could get another tiny plastic Scream Queen on December 28, 2006.


  • Advent is a period of the year that starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and continues through Christmas Eve. An Advent calendar is a traditional gift, often including small gifts or sayings behind each day's door.
  • The phrase "A Spooky Adventer is You!" is a play on the message one got when using the 2005 Advent Calendar, which, in turn, is a play on KoL's motto, "An Adventurer is You!"

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