Spirit Precipice

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Spirit Precipice
Spirit Precipice

This is a big veiny sword with a creepy, blinky red eye in it. The kind of thing that, when you look at it, you say "Okay, yeah, I'm pretty sure that sword is evil, and probably cursed to boot." It looks totally badass though, and hits like a mofo. And I think we can all agree that that's a reasonable trade-off.

Type: weapon (2-handed sword)
Damage: 14 - 27
Muscle Required: 45
Selling Price: 140 Meat.

Muscle +7
Mysticality +5
+20% chance of Critical Hit

(In-game plural: Spirit Precipices)
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Item number: 1731
Description ID: 796162603
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Club.gif dense meat stack asbestos ore  
Club.gif asbestos meat stack sturdy sword hilt  
Club.gif asbestos sword glowing red eye
Equals.gif Spirit Precipice


A bolt of evil energy arcs out of Spirit Precipice and hits you in the <neck>.
HPYou lose 12-24 hit points.


  • This item is a reference to the Soul Edge weapon from the game series "Soul Calibur". Precipice is a synonym for edge.
  • The weapon's effect of harming you is a reference to Soul Edge's tendency to drain the soul of its wielder.

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