Spelunker's Guild prize sack

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Spelunker's Guild prize sack
Spelunker's Guild prize sack

This is a sack of goodies sent to you by the Spelunker's Guild.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: Spelunker's Guild prize sacks)
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Obtained From

Tales of Spelunking
First, Second and Third Prize

When Used

You untie the sack and fish out your prize:
Acquire one of the following items that you do not already own:
Hobofedora.gifYou acquire an item: Spelunker's fedora
Khakis.gifYou acquire an item: Spelunker's khakis
Spelwhip.gifYou acquire an item: Spelunker's whip

Or, if you already own all 3 Spelunker outfit pieces:

Strawberyl.gifYou acquire an item: solid gold jewel


  • Using this item in Ronin or Hardcore will automatically transfer your reward to Hagnk's.
  • Awarded with an in-game message:
From The Spelunker's Guild
Congratulations on being yesterday's most accomplished Spelunker. Please accept these tokens of our esteem!
Congratulations on being yesterday's second/third most accomplished Spelunker. Please accept this token of our esteem!


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6. Gourdy - 4 | 7. Mistress of the Obvious - 4 | 8. SwordsRCool - 3 | 9. Snugglypoo - 3 | 10. Now I know why - 3
Collection data courtesy of ePeterso2 and Jicken Wings