Special Interactions

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In additional to the general "rules" of the kingdom, there are special cases where game elements interact in a unique way.

There are certain items which, when equipped, have an undocumented in-game effect:

You can gain extra adventures from consumables under the following conditions:

You can extend buffs cast by wearing certain equipment:

  • The opera mask extends Accordion Thief buffs, but is then destroyed.
  • The jewel-eyed wizard hat extends all buffs (but that's explicitly stated in the item description).

Eating a Crimbo(ween) cookie with a glass of goat's milk in inventory will double the duration of the special effect from the cookie.

Certain combat items have unique effects when used on specific monsters.

Some weapons can be fueled by items in your inventory to unlock special attacks during combat:

There are certain combinations of equipment which, while not officially outfits, have an additional in-game effect.

Some special interactions involve familiars.

  • Working out on the Hobo-Flex with the Spirit Hobo is your active familiar gave a special message before the old Clan Gym was retired and the Hobo-Flex along with it.
  • Wearing a safarrri hat with the Dandy Lion as your active familiar will produce a special message.
  • Wielding a whip with the Dandy Lion as your active familiar causes him to attack in combat.