Spaghetti Elemental (Pasta Thrall)

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Spaghetti Elemental

Spaghetti Elemental

The Spaghetti Elemental is a Pasta Thrall which can accompany Pastamancers in combat. A Pastamancer can bind an Spaghetti Elemental by using the skill Bind Spaghetti Elemental.


  • Gives extra stats at the end of combat.
  • Starting at level 5, it will block the first attack against you.
  • At level 10, it grants +5 Bonus Spell Damage.

Combat Messages

  • At the start of combat, at level 5 or higher:
    • Your opponent seems to want to attack you, but isn't willing to get any closer to <Name> than it has to.
    • <Name> slaps your opponent repeatedly in the face[s] with noodly tentacles, preventing <his> attack. "Agh, cut that out!" <he> yells, annoyed.
    • <Name> entangles himself in your opponent's legs, which results in him windmilling his arms comically and then falling on his face.
    • <Name> grabs your opponent's wrist with its noodly appendages, preventing his attack.
    • <Name> jumps in front of your opponent, preventing him from attacking you. "!!!", he shouts.
    • <Name> screeches a string of random punctuation at your opponent, who stops and covers his ears in pain.
    • Your opponent starts to attack you, but <Name> howls at her and blocks the attack. I'm not sure how to describe the howl; it kind of sounds like "%&%!"
    • <Name> grabs your opponent by the face, but doesn't seem sure what to do with him after that. Your opponent, for his part, has decided to stand very still.


  • The spaghetti elemental's name changes as it levels up. It starts with Ssho(1)o(2)o, where (1) is an uppercase letter (might be vowel and consonant) and (2) is a lowercase consonant and another syllable like "(2)o" is added with each level up.

For example:

  • SshoNodo → SshoNodomo → SshoNodomogo → SshoNodomogoto → SshoNodomogotono → SshoNodomogotonoho
  • SshoQoho → SshoQohoho → SshoQohohopo → SshoQohohopodo → SshoQohohopodogo → SshoQohohopodogono


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