Spacegate Vaccination Machine

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Spacegate Vaccination Machine
Spacegate Vaccination Machine

When traveling internationally, it's important to make sure your vaccinations are all up-to-date. When travelling intergalactically, doubly so.

Unfortunately, your security clearance only allows you to get a single vaccination each day, so you'd better hope you don't encounter more than one thing you need to be vaccinated against.

You currently have x page(s) of Spacegate Research

Unlock Vaccine (1,000 Research) Rrainbow.gif Rainbow Vaccine (30 Adventures)
Unlock Vaccine (1,000 Research) Strboost.gif Broad-Spectrum Vaccine (30 Adventures)
Unlock Vaccine (1,000 Research) Angry.gif Emotional Vaccine (30 Adventures)


When attempting to unlock a vaccine without enough research:

You don't have enough pages of research to unlock this vaccine.

When unlocking a vaccine:

New vaccine unlocked!

When a vaccine has been unlocked, the button reads: Select Vaccine

The machine emits a rainbow-colored spray that somehow pierces your skin and fills your bloodstream with a powerful protective agent.
Rrainbow.gifYou acquire an effect: Rainbow Vaccine
(duration: 30 Adventures)
The machine dispenses a paper cup labeled 'DEFINITELY A VACCINE AND NOT A COMBINATION OF STEROIDS AND AMPHETAMINES.' You drink the bitter liquid inside, and feel yourself get better.
Strboost.gifYou acquire an effect: Broad-Spectrum Vaccine
(duration: 30 Adventures)
The machine asks you to lean closer to it, and then when you do, it slaps you in the face. "That's what you get for trusting me," it says.
Angry.gifYou acquire an effect: Emotional Vaccine
(duration: 30 Adventures)

Located in the Secret Underground Spacegate Facility.