Soul Bubble

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Stun durations of 3 and 4 rounds have been reported. What determines it?

Soul Bubble

Soul Bubble

Type: Combat
Soulsauce Cost: 5
usable once per fight

Source: Soul Saucery
Price: N/A
Class: Sauceror
Level: N/A
Effect: Stuns opponent for 3-4 rounds
When Used:
You grab some Soulsauce, chew it up, and blow a bubble around your opponent.


  • This skill only appears for Saucerors with at least 5 units of Soulsauce.
  • While the opponent is stunned, in each round of combat (including the first):
Your opponent cannot escape the soul bubble.
  • The round of combat before stun wears off will display the following message:
The soul bubble shatters and dissipates.
  • Turns in which the opponent would not attack (Because of a stun or due to a quick cast) do not subtract from the bubble's timer.

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