Sophie's Choice

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Sophie's Choice
Sophie's Choice

You come to another fork in the road, this one offering the choice between a crumbling, ruined stone tower with eerie phosphorescent lights glimmering in the wreckage; or a steaming, stinking bog with the shafts of ancient polearms and other instruments of war poking up out of the muck -- along with the occasional skeletal arm.

Man, this place just gets cheerier and cheerier, I tell you what.

Enter the bog

You mark the fork in the path on your map, so you can find your way back later, and head down the left-hand path with a grimace.

The water comes up almost to your knees as you wade into the filthy bog, picking your way carefully through the mud lest you step on any rusty swords, or worse, one of the carcasses scattered throughout this ancient battlefield. Most of the bodies are bare skeletons, but you also see some grotesque, waxy-looking mummies, and eventually you're just sort of doing your best not to look at anything at all.

Which isn't going to make finding any of the stuff you're looking for any easier, to be honest.

New Area Unlocked
Bigmap.gifThe Corpse Bog, in Le Dègueulasse Marais.

Approach the stone tower

You mark the fork in the path on your map so you can find it again later, and start toward the ancient tower -- which is undoubtedly the ruined wizard tower Marty was talking about.

As you get closer to the ruin, you start to become aware of a niggling, itching sound right on the edge of hearing, like wet static. Your jaw begins to clench involuntarily, and you can taste the fillings in your teeth.

Ugh. Uncontrolled magical leakage is pretty much the worst thing. Hopefully you can finish in here and get out before you grow any new... well, anythings.

New Area Unlocked
Bigmap.gifThe Ruined Wizard Tower, in Le Dègueulasse Marais.

Occurs at The Dark and Spooky Swamp.


  • Sophie's Choice is the title of a book and film about a woman who had to make the titular choice, namely which of her children should be sent to his or her death in the Holocaust.