Song of the North (skill)

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Song of the North

Song of the North

Type: Noncombat
MP Cost: 100

The North is a cold, brutal place, and its song is a cold, brutal song. It can't be sung, it can only be yodeled, and if anybody makes fun of you for yodeling, you will beat them senseless with their own frozen limbs.

Gives Effect: Song of the North
(10 Adventures)

Source: The Machine, with a Seal Clubber and an Accordion Thief in the left and right chambers.
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Song of the North (+100% Bonus Weapon Damage, +50 Cold Damage) (10 Adventures)
When Used:
You yodel the Song of the North. It suffuses you like a brisk, angry arctic wind.
Songnorth.gifYou acquire an effect: Song of the North
(duration: 10 Adventures)


  • Only one Dreadsylvania Song effect can be active at a time. Casting a different kind of song will remove the previous one.

Dreadsylvanian Class-Crossed Skills - edit
Dv skullcap.gif Accordion Thief Disco Bandit Sauceror Pastamancer Turtle Tamer
Seal Clubber Song of the North
10 Adv, 100 MP
weapon dmg +100%, cold damage +50
Grab a Cold One
1/day summoning skill, 30 MP
obtain Cold One
(???-quality booze)
combat skill, 25 MP
hot melee group damage
Carbohydrate Cudgel
combat skill, 30 MP
kill monster with dry noodles
Club Earth
combat skill, 50 MP
melee damage + 1 round stun
Turtle Tamer Song of Slowness
10 Adv, 100 MP
+50% initiative
Conspiratorial Whispers
combat skill, 25 MP
damage + delevel every round
does not cost combat round
combat skill, 30 MP, Prevent damage & deal ~80 hot dmg
combat skill, 35 MP
Spooky and physical damage, with multiround decay
Pastamancer Song of Starch
10 Adv, 100 MP
+50% max HP
Shadow Noodles
combat skill, 30 MP, 3-5 round stun + 8-10 delevel
Spaghetti Breakfast
1/day summoning skill, 30 MP
obtain Spaghetti breakfast
(???-quality food)
Sauceror Song of Sauce
10 Adv, 100 MP
+100% spell dmg, +50 hot dmg, +50 dmg to hot spells
combat skill, 30 MP
heals ~55 dmg
does not cost combat round
Disco Bandit Song of Bravado
10 Adv, 100 MP
+15% all attributes