Some Scattered Smoking Debris

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.

Some Scattered Smoking Debris
Some Scattered Smoking Debris
Zone Num 408
Location The Crash Site of an Alien Spaceship From Space
Unlocks Twitch Livestream World Event I
Recom Stat  !
Combat % 100
Terrain outdoor
Special Adventures
Clover Close Encounter of the Lucky Kind
refreshedit data

Part of the May 24th 2014 Twitch Livestream World Event. After this event ended, trying to adventure there failed with the message "The debris has all been cleaned up.".

Combat Adventures

Government agent This monster is a Dude -- (edit metadata)
Gov agent.gif

illegal alien This monster is a Humanoid -- (edit metadata)
Illegal alien.gif

perimeter defense sphere This monster is a Construct -- (edit metadata)
Defense sphere.gif
  • Item Drops: space junk, space junk
  • Meat Drop: unknown
  • Monster Level: unknownSubstat Gain: unknownMoxie for No Hit*: unknown
  • Monster Defense: unknown
  • Hit Points: unknown
  • Initiative: 100
  • Elemental Alignment: None
  • Damage Resistance: ?

Non-combat Adventures

Here I Am, and You're Rocket Ship
  • Note: Occurs on first visit to the zone.

Clover.gif Close Encounter of the Lucky Kind
  • Item Drops: 3 space junk
  • Note: This adventure is triggered whenever you adventure here with a ten-leaf clover in your inventory.

Has Bean